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Direct Search

Search and selection of executives – individual, discreet, and reliable.

Your challenges

Your employees define the future and success of your company with their ideas, motivation, and personality. 

Attracting Ideal Candidates is a complex, challenging, and often lengthy process. Moreover, the changing nature of the labor market only exacerbates this problem. The consequences of a mis-hire can be detrimental to the success of the company.

The successful filling of vacant positions is one of the most important yet most difficult entrepreneurial decisions. However, we can support you in this process.

Specific challenges of our customers are often

A successor for a key position is being sought. This is to be handled discreetly within the company.

There is a vacant key position that you don’t want the market to know about.

There is expertise on the market that you (still) lack.

In-house recruiting has proven unsuccessful.

In-house recruiting cannot handle the high number of positions to be filled because of limited capacity.

Our solutions

individual, discreet and reliable. Together we find the right employees for you

We see the demanding task of finding the most suitable candidates in narrow markets and inspiring them to work for our clients as a daily challenge. Since 2000, we have been successfully and discreetly supporting companies in this process.

As a strong and experienced partner, we have the network as well as the market and industry knowledge to help you fill your vacancy. 

Our core expertise is the search and selection of executives through direct search. In doing so, we ensure an ideal professional and cultural fit and thus find the perfect match for companies and candidates. 

We expand your candidate pool with first-class candidates and attract new candidates for your company through targeted identification and approach.

You benefit from our many years of experience and unique, scientifically based tools that ensure a perfect fit with regard to culture, performance, leadership, and team.

The direct search in detail

  1. External and internal briefing

    • Intensive briefing with the client
    • Creation of specification and target company list
    • Development of the four Orxestra® FIT criteria individually for the position
  2. Systematic search process

    • Identification of and contact and interviews with potential candidates
    • Preparation of confidential reports
    • Candidate self-assessment
    • Gathering of references
    • Research and consultants work together based on the FIT criteria on culture, performance, leadership, and team
    • Targeted approach and acquisition of candidates with the best FITs
    • Interviews and references based on the FIT conditions
    • Development of the self-assessment in relation to the FIT criteria
  3. Presentation, placement, and integration

    • Presentation of candidates
    • Integration support
    • Presentation with consultant
    • Discussion of the FITs
    • Multi-stage, accompanied selection process
    • Integration of the selected candidate with the help of WBS
    • Follow up by the consultant after 18 months
  4. KPIs

    • Final/quality review
    • Measurement of KPIs and CIP
    • Placement rate
    • Stick rate (after 18 months)
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Candidate satisfaction

Advantages of the direct search with artec

  • Discreet filling of your vacancies without a lot of fuss 
  • Targeted and systematic analysis of the market environment 
  • Detailed elaboration of the “hard” success factors: Track record, industry, and subject matter expertise
  • Detailed elaboration of the “soft” success factors: Fit with the culture and the team 
  • Elaboration of the USPs of your company and the vacant position in order to generate interest to change position among individuals who are satisfied and successful in their current role 
  • Uniform project management with defined project and time plans as well as regular clear status reports

Project schedule – “Weeks to Placement” (average values)