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What we do

Companies are only as good as their employees.

In the war for talent, top-class executives and outstanding specialists are now more fiercely contested on the labor market than ever before. Companies are facing the new challenge of attracting top talent and retaining it over the long term.

This is the only way to ensure the success and future viability of a company.

Successfully filling vacant positions and developing and retaining top talent are among the biggest challenges currently faced by companies.

As a trusted advisor, we support you with our many years of expertise as well as unique and scientifically based methodologies and tools.

With our holistic approach to consulting, we are a qualified partner when it comes to solving your HR challenges.

Our services

Direct Search

With the ideal professional and cultural fit, we find the perfect match for companies and candidates.

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Management Audit

Strategic workforce management and potential analysis according to the TRANSEARCH Orxestra® Method

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Cultural Mapping

Taking stock on the way to StrAgility (strength + agility)

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Team Effectiveness

Tomorrow’s organization will be a team of teams!

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Talent Retention

What keeps top performers in your company?

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