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IT and Technology

From internal service provider to trigger and driver of unprecedented change across the entire economy. The IT industry is the central nervous system of modern industrial societies. In addition to the IT industry itself, new technologies have a major impact on all other sectors of the economy. They give rise to radical changes that call into question what has gone before and give rise to new business models or even entire industries.

With the intelligent use of data-based solutions, you can make this a decisive competitive factor for you if you have the right people in the respective key positions. artec knows these people from many years of experience in the IT industry as well as from searches for IT experts and innovators in other industries.

Here you can see a selection of successfully placed positions from this environment:

CEO, Cyber Security Solutions, Connected Mobility

Director of Continuous Improvement/Lean Engineering, Secure Communication

Director of Business Development, Managed Services

Chief Architect, Managed Services

Senior Manager of Software Engineering, Secure Communication

Scrum Master, Secure Communication

Product Owner, Secure Communication

Site Reliability Engineer, Financial Informatics