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Energy Industry, Housing Industry and Public Sector

The utility industry is also experiencing a disruption that has called previous business models into question and necessitates a different quality in corporate management. Renewable energies, decentralized energy supply, and continually changing consumer expectations have created a new reality. However, this also offers many opportunities for German sustainability technologies to become export hits.

Other areas of the public sector are also undergoing far-reaching transformation. The prolonged construction boom and the simultaneous debate about affordable housing in major cities pose challenges for business and politics. The solution to this requires a new approach to corporate management.

See a selection of successfully placed positions and projects in this area:

CEO, Municipal Utility

CEO, Municipal Real Estate Company

CFO, Special Purpose Association

Managing Director Germany/Business Unit President of Solar Inverter, Renewable Energies

Technical Director, Municipal Utility

Chief Technology Officer, Public Utility Company

Head of Finance and Administration, Start-up Incubator, Large Utility

Head of Finance and Administration, Social Service Organization

Head of Finance and Administration, Infrastructure/Traffic Route Construction

Head of R&D, Solar Inverter, Renewable Energies