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Creating connections

We bring companies and the right people together.

Core values and principles

The expertise and sense of responsibility of our employees, our transparent and structured processes, and our actively practiced ethical value system form the foundation of our long-term and successful customer relationships. Based on our values, we at artec form a powerful team to support you in achieving your goals as a reliable partner.

What sets us apart

Creating Connections

We bring companies and the right people together.

Offer added value

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Connecting People and Businesses – network creates added value! We also achieve the “more” for you through our fast response times, high client focus, and strong team spirit.

Guarantee customer orientation

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Client first – everyone in the artec team does their best to ensure that our projects are completed successfully. We put ourselves at the service of the cause and, if necessary, take on tasks that are not actually part of our job description.

Experience team spirit

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The ideas of each individual actively contribute to team success. We combine the strengths of each team member in order to achieve the best possible project success.

Create trust

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Trusting and long-term relationships internally as well as externally with our business contacts are an important part of our corporate philosophy. The basis for this trust is honesty, transparency, discretion, and quality.

Live innovations

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The willingness of the entire team to break new ground together. Agility in the process world and the implementation of ideas characterize our team.

Our vision

Creating Connections – We bring companies and the right people together.

We believe that employees define the success of a company and that companies define the success of their employees.

Our mission

That’s why we have made it our business to bring companies and the right candidates together.

We enhance strengths. We identify high potentials and top talents within your ranks and provide you with the right tools to successfully develop them in a targeted manner.

We move people forward and create long-term added value in the process. We support you in creating ideal career paths and in retaining your top talents/employees in the long term.

Foundations of our success


We have enjoyed a close relationship of trust with our clients for many years. Most of our search mandates are based on the resulting continuous cooperation. We usually acquire new clients through referrals.


We work with a team of long-term permanent employees. This ensures the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by clients and candidates.


Dealing respectfully with all parties involved in every situation is the top priority of our daily work.

Non-competition agreement

As a general rule, the consultants do not conduct similar search projects for competing companies at the same time.


We are independent of third parties and represent the interests of our clients in a neutral and objective manner.

Professional ethics

As part of the TRANSEARCH International Group, which is a member of the AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants), the professional organization of the world’s most prominent executive search consulting firms, we are committed to its professional and ethical standards of objectivity, integrity, thoroughness, and discretion as well as a systematic approach.